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  1. A scientifically proven way to boost your moods with food

    You've probably heard it a million times; you are what you eat. But what you may not know is the food you eat doesn't just affect your physical body, it also affects your moods. This is because food a…

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  2. How Childhood Experiences Can Affect Your Cravings

    In my last post, I wrote about the physiological reasons we have cravings for sugar, including the chemicals that are involved, and how emotional eating can cause food addictions. In today's post, we…

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  3. Cravings, emotional eating, and food addictions. Take the Quiz.

    More than likely, you’re familiar with emotional eating – most of us are. You get this strong craving for comfort foods, especially sweets. And those cravings don’t relent until you give in and indulg…

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