Simple Vegetarian Recipes: Where to Begin

If you're looking for simple vegetarian recipes that happen to be delicious and healthy too, check out the recipes on this site.

I'm always adding new recipes and ideas on how to create your own. Plus, you'll see how easy it is to use plant-based, meat substitutes and spices to transform old, non-vegetarian favorites into delicious, easy vegetarian recipes.

Many of the simple vegetarian recipes in this section use less than six ingredients. All of them are healthy. And, you'll be in and out of the kitchen in no time.

You Can Start Eating Better Today

Like a lot of vegetarians, when I first converted to a vegetarian diet I lived on salads and processed vegetarian foods.

I still enjoy salads, but I gave up the processed foods. Why? I discovered that ...

* vegetarian recipes do not have to be complicated to taste great

* many vegetarian processed foods are not healthy

* a vegetarian diet can be as diverse as a non-vegetarian diet, and

* healthy food does not have to be boring

So throw out the processed veggie burgers, veggie hot dogs, and veggie chicken. There's a better, healthier way to eat.

Secrets to Creating Delectable, Simple Vegetarian Recipes

Use the Best Ingredients to Get the Best Results

One of the secrets to creating quick and satisfying meals that even meat eaters will love is to use fresh, organic, or locally grown produce, and the best pantry items (like extra virgin olive oil).

Use Vegetarian Meat Substitutes That Rock Your Old Favorite Recipes

You can forget the Tofu.

I don't cook with it. And I don't eat it unless I'm in a Chinese restaurant. Kudos to the Chinese: It's been my experience that they're the only ones that know how to use tofu as the star ingredient, and how to make it taste great.

Use these little-known, plant proteins instead.

So when I want to use a high-protein, meat substitute, I always choose tempeh or seitan, they're higher in vegetarian protein, fiber, and other nutrients than Tofu.

Tempeh is fermented soy, so it has more health benefits than unfermented soy. Use tempeh in any recipe that calls for chopped meat, like shepherds pie, bolognese sauce, and chili. It has a similar texture to chopped meat and absorbs whatever you're cooking it in.

Seitan is wheat gluten. I know that sounds unappetizing, but once you get the knack of using it, you'll love how versatile it is. Seitan has a similar texture to meat, so it's perfect to use in recipes like chicken cacciatore, beef stew, and veal cutlets.

You can use either tempeh or seitan in your favorite stuffed tomatoes or stuffed peppers recipes. The possibilities are endless.

Another thing I love about tempeh and seitan is how simple they are to use in simple vegetarian recipes. Unlike tofu, you don't have to prepare it by draining it, drying it, or marinating it for hours to disguise its original flavor.

You can buy it prepackaged and ready to use. And, if you have leftovers, it freezes well. I just take it out of the freezer about two hours before I want to use it.

I love all the simple vegetarian recipes on this site and make them frequently. Use them as they are or swap ingredients to make your own recipes.

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