many reasons

I dreamed i was being shot at and i was outraged , then i noticed i was a RABBIT.

I stayed 2 weeks with some vege. friends and found their diet perfectly fine....some of their dishes were of the vege. Indian variety.

I never liked 'meat' anyway....yuk.

I noticed how beautiful Mallards are, and swore off 'duck pate'.

I noticed that in aquariums fish have pretty little faces and I gave up fish.

THEN I read that a person eats about 200 pounds(?) of 'meat' a year AND I realized that I personally could make the choice to stop supporting the meat industry to the tune of that amount.

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: )
by: Susan

Lol. That was a funny start to your comment.

Yup, that's correct; 200 pounds of meat per year, per person. But, if you want to be precise, I've read that it's 207 pounds. Amazing!

Thanks for sharing.


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