The death of animals is unnecessary.

I am 14, and I persuaded my family to let me stop eating meat around six months ago. I have always had a distaste for meat, and have not eaten red meats for around 5/6 years. It has recently hit me how unnecessary the consumption of meat is. We kill animals for our own survival, even though we can very easily survive eating other proteins and non meat products.

The biggest challenge for me has been giving up sweets and desserts which include gelatine, and I sometimes slip, but feel guilty and remember why I do it.

I think people need to take a look at where their food comes from, and think about what other living beings are going through to provide them with meat, sweets and, in some cases, beer.

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Unnecessary death of animals
by: Susan

Hello, Thanks for sharing with us. I agree, of course, but it took me a lot longer to realize this truth!

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