Teenage Vegetarian

by Amber

I became a vegetarian at age 14 after seeing what truly goes on in the meat industry and being disgusted by the pain the animals must go through. Over time, I've also found that vegetarianism could help world hunger and increase lifespan. I've now been a vegetarian for 2 years, and I plan on becoming vegan when I'm out and living on my own.

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Teenage Vegetarian
by: Susan

Hi Amber, thanks for sharing.

I didn't become a vegetarian until I was living on my own and much older than you. I had no idea what was happening in the meat industry or the damage that eating animal protein from factory raised animals could do to my health or the environment. It sounds like your family supports your decision to eat vegetarian, which is great.

If you run into any issues or have questions on your diet or transitioning to vegan, feel free to contact me.

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