Are you ready to give up sugar, stop the cravings and lose the weight?

Great! But before I tell you how to do it, there's something you need to know: If you're overweight and have uncontrollable cravings for sweets, it's not your fault. Allow me to explain:

Sugar is just as addictive as heroin, opium and morphine.

Brain imaging proves that sugar and these drugs stimulate the same pleasure centers in your brain. That's why when you eat just a small amount you crave even more.

Sugar makes you feel great.

Sugar triggers the brain to release serotonin, an anti–depressant, and endorphins, which are powerful painkillers.

Sugar is in just about everything.

There are 600,0000 food items in America, and a whopping 80% have added sugar. Even the most unlikely products have sugar added to them, like ketchup, yogurt and tomato soup.

While quitting may not be easy at first, the rewards are enormous.

When you quit sugar, once and for all,

  • Your blood sugar stabilizes so your cravings for sweets disappear.

  • You lose weight, and the fat around your belly, which is the most dangerous to your health (you'll even fit into those skinny jeans again).

  • You have sustainable energy throughout the day. No more spikes of energy followed by fatigue and cravings for your next sugar fix.

  • Your appetite naturally decreases so you don't eat as much, and you're not obsessed with food.

  • You eliminate fuzzy thinking. When you eliminate sugar and regulate your blood sugar, it helps optimize brain functions, like your memory.

  • You protect your health from serious illnesses.

Just take a look at some of the proven, scientific facts about the connection between sugar and illness:

  • Cancerous tumors feed off of sugar.

  • Cancers are so sensitive to sugar that cutting its supply suppresses the cancer, and

  • Overconsumption of sugar leads to diabetes and other serious illnesses that are related to it, like obesity and heart disease.

The bottom line is, sugar is one of the most dangerous substances in our diet. It makes us fat, unhealthy and run down. Haven't you had enough?

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If you've tried to quit before, but were unsuccessful, you're not alone. Many people need support to make the change. If that's you, there is a solution, the Ditch the Sugar Blues Program.

This is a holistic, customized program. We work together to explore concerns specific to you and your body, and to discover what works best for your unique needs.

Throughout the program we work to,

  • Permanently minimize or completely eliminate sugars from your diet

  • Minimize your sugar withdrawal symptoms, if they occur.

  • Balance your blood sugar to stop your cravings for sweets and other carbohydrates.

  • Identify and avoid products with hidden sugars.

  • Discuss lifestyle issues that may be holding you back.

The programs includes:

  • 50–minute coaching and support sessions via Skype or telephone each month *.
    We discuss your progress, any blocks that you're experiencing (including lifestyle issues), and how you're feeling. Together we decide on new recommendations to bring you closer to achieving your goals.

  • Unlimited e–mail support between one–on–one sessions.

  • Simple but informative handouts that will increase your knowledge of nutrition and sugar to help you make the right decisions.

  • My personal 100 percent commitment to your health and success

* There is a one month, acellerated program, and a three month program. If you choose the one month program, there are three telephone coaching sessions. For the three month program, there are two coaching sessions per month, or a total of six sessions. During the three month program we dive deeper, and work to resolve other potential dietary issues, like other food addictions and allergies.

How much does it cost?

The first step is to sign up for a free, confidential, Ditch the Sugar Consultation. (There's absolutely no obligation to sign up for the program.) This allows us to understand your current and past health issues, your diet, and whether or not you're ready for this program.

If we decide that this program is right for you, the all–inclusive price for the one–month acellerated program is $375, and the three month program is $750.

Plus, you get my 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Just let us know within 7 days after the program begins that you don't wish to continue, and you'll get a 100 percent refund. It's that simple.

Keep in mind that this is a personalized, one-on-one program with a limited number of spots available, so sign up today for your free consultation and more information.

If you're determined to,

  • Eliminate your cravings for sweets

  • Lose weight, and belly fat

  • Gain sustainable energy throughout the day

  • Decrease your appetite, and

  • Protect your health

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