3 Day Plan to Boost Your Health, Increase Energy, and Shed Some Weight

Now is the perfect time for a gentle, three-day detox. By gentle, I mean this is not a starvation detox with nothing more than smoothies or juices. There are recipes that are satisfying, taste great, and easy to prepare and modify to your tastes.

So why detox?

Your body is naturally built to detoxify by eliminating and neutralizing toxins through your colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph and skin. Today we're exposed to a lot of environmental pollutants. And, most of us eat a diet loaded with chemicals, unhealthy fats, caffeine, and alcohol. This inhibits your body from detoxifying properly, causing a buildup of toxins that result in health and weight problems.

Detoxing is a great way to give your body a break, support its natural self-cleaning system, and can help to,

  • Boost your mood and energy. We eliminate gluten, dairy and soy; foods that you may be sensitive to, or addicted, without knowing it.
  • Start to shed excess weight. There is no wheat or sugar in this detox, except for the natural sugars found in fruit.
  • Stop brain fog and sluggishness by eating real, whole foods, not processed foods that are full of chemicals and other harmful ingredients.
  • Reveal hidden food sensitivities that can cause health problems and unexplained weight gain.
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