I cannot eat meat anymore

by Claire Totty
(Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England)

I am 49 years old, I have always struggled with eating meat. I hated the idea of animals suffering. I am ashamed to say that the notion of killing them 'humanely' was enough to satisfy my concerns. In the 1970's when I was a child, pigs were hung up for all to see and buy in the Butchers shops. Eventually, this practice stopped and meat was packed in plastic trays.

I tried to become a vegetarian, before, but always allowed myself to be persuaded back into eating meat. I am a dog lover, and have joined many groups on Facebook and followed other dog lovers on Twitter and Google plus

Then someone sent me a picture of a Golden Retriever, with its mouth tied close whilst its being beaten in order to be silenced. this is common practice in certain countries where dog meat is, sickeningly a delicacy. That picture once seen, cannot be 'unseen' and it has tortured my mind. I feel so guilty that it has moved me when i have been eating other animals all my life. I will never be able to eat meat again. But thats not the end of it as I have discovered that all of the animals are used, so its not just meat to worry about. I have googled ' convert to vegetarianism' and this is the first site I have come across, so I thought I would be honest and share my story

Kind regards
Claire Totty.

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Heartfelt story
by: Susan

Thank you, Claire, for sharing your heartfelt story with us, and for posting the photo of your adorable pooch!

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