Compassion in Action

by Joanne Cordaro
(Long Island, NY)

I am committed to the concept of compassion and becoming a vegetarian was a definitive way to fulfill my desire to live more compassionately.

I was never much of a meat eater, but I was still eating turkey and chicken when i saw a video of a chicken being held and petted by a young child. I had had birds as pets and knew them to be affectionate and responsive. So I cannot adequately explain why I was shocked that a chicken could be affectionate and responsive!

That little video, only a few seconds long, created a chain reaction of thought inside me. I had to ask myself.... If I say I live a compassionate life, how could I justify animals being killed for me as part of a compassionate life? I couldn't. I stopped eating meat in that moment.

Being a vegetarian is not always easy, but it has been much easier than I ever thought it would be. I believe this decision allows me to live more authentically and more compassionately.

I continue to look for ways to live changed everything! It changes your relationship with yourself, with others, and yes, with your food. I wish I had done this sooner, but better late than never.

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by: Susan

Hi Joanne, thanks for telling your story. I think more and more people are turning to a vegetarian or vegan diet because of their compassion for animals. It's like a switch goes off one day when we equate gentle, loving animals with what's on our plates. Then there's no turning back.

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